Drink Me a Story

How did I get here? 350 miles from
the US border in the heart of
narco country Blazing hot.
No water bottle. No sun protection.
All gringo.
I was out harvesting the legendary
Desert Spoon plant…
The locals fondly call it Sotol and it
makes you forget Tequila was
ever made.
No celebrity endorsement needed

If you like Tequila, you will love Sotol

15 years. 1 plant = 1 bottle. Organic
Made in Mexico

I used to tell girls I was “big
in Japan”…
Who knew that years later
I would star in a televised
Japanese travel documentary.

The directors told me
two things…

#1. real Japanese
drink Shochu…not sake…

#2. I needed a haircut

It’s like your best vodka times 10
think Adult Water

Barley and Water
Made in Japan

I started dating a French girl in the
Paris office. She smoked, argued, and
treated me like a barbaric American.

I loved every minute of it.

She also introduced me to
Pamplemousse cidre….

She eventually
left me for another guy,
but I still thank her for the cider

So good it will make you angry

“It’s cidre…not cider”

Pamplemousse Cidre
Apple and Pink Grapefruit
Made in France

HR called me into the head
office in Chicago and said they
had good news and bad news.

Good news: they were transferring me to Paris.

Bad news: I had to work with the French.

I stayed there 6 years.

There is a reason the French are arrogant

Be re-invented.

Pomme & Poire Cidre
Apple and Pear / No added sugar
Made in France