MESH Co-Create

MESH Co-Create started from a deep belief that the best ideas come from our fans. This philosophy goes beyond traditional brand feedback systems like website submission forms, info email addresses, and customer service contact numbers. With MESH Co-Create, fans can interact directly with the company’s founding team and leverage their creativity and have fun.


New Product Suggestions

We know you’ve had some sketchy experiences with booze we’ve never heard about. Tell us what you remember-the place, the experience, and especially the drink.


M&B wants you to create your own ad-no rules and no limits. Share ideas that you’d only share via text (anonymous contributions accepted)

Label Creation

Remember the lost art of album artwork? In the days of vinyl, the artwork was an integral part of the music experience. The same can be said for the drinking experience. Every bottle has a story behind it, and the labels are your canvas to tell your story. What do you have to share?

Promotional Events

M&B needs your help to promote to spread the word, we have some ideas, but we think you probably have better, we want to hear from you. Some recent examples include:

– M&B Netflix and Chill” Starter Set