D Side Stories

Join hosts Scott and Seth as they explore the stories behind, legends and facts behind some of the greatest music ever recorded.

Lords of Failure

Losing is winning, winning can be losing, losing, failure, messing-up, are all actually good signs that you are living life as it was intended to be lived – as a learning platform, how can you learn if you never lose? Join the Lords of Failure to explore losing, losers and everything seemingly failed to reveal the courage and successes behind the loss, and also the loss behind the success.

Lords of Failure

Discreet Pleasures

M&B is about courage, and this extends to openly discussing topics that society keeps a low profile despite their popularity. Discreet Pleasures is a videocast with M&B founder Scott Crist covering ”discreet” topics, such as adult entertainment, sex toys, guns, marijuana, and swinging.