“I had this idea about taking two strangers from completely different backgrounds and bringing them together to make music. I knew the limitations, the odds against me. I was going to do this regardless.” – Elvin

I met Elvin at a MESH & Bone demo in the Bronx back in 2017 and I was immediately amazed at his keen insights and tough questions. “What’s a middle-aged white guy doing in the Bronx at a liquor store peddling booze on a Friday night?”  I shook his hand immediately and we laughed.  I said I was looking for Park Avenue and I got lost.

The laughter turned to exchanging business ideas and we both discovered we were music fans.  We conceptualized a music project over tostones, black beans, and rice, we had this crazy idea of taking people from different backgrounds such as Elvin and me, and have them create songs.  Elvin laughed, “We have no experience, not much money, but we’re doing this, regardless.”

Regardless is the deep belief that two courageous strangers can overcome societal differences to create songs with a meaning beyond the music.